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Inclusive Holidays to Greece

If you are fascinated by Greek mythology, impressed by breathtaking sandy beaches, or at your happiest in crystal clear waters, it is the time to book your Holidays to Greece.

Old history, irresistible cuisine, and stunning sunshine – you can have it all in Greece. Wander the home of the first world Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia or explore the wonders of the popular Acropolis in Athens.

The proof of the past of Greece is scattered along the mainland and the Greek islands with magnificent temples, mesmerizing palaces, and disintegrating ruins to explore.

The landscapes merge dramatic volcanos, towering mountains, and alluring coastlines. Whether you would like to pitch yourself on golden sands for the day or climb through scenic olive vineyards and groves, there are activities to suit each holidaymaker.

In case you are a foodie, you are in luck. Try freshly caught seafood and tuck it into wholesome salads drenched in olive oil and covered with feta cheese.

Greece is best for luxury boutique hotels and all-inclusive resorts. A beachfront hotel is the best base for those who admire the water.

In case you are looking for peace, try a sheltered hideaway in the mountains or a small hotel in a calm Greek village.

Destinations for holidays to Greece:

Awe-inspiring Athens is a picture-perfect city break with a historical background at each turn and many restaurants and bars. For a few of the best mainland beaches, try mesmerizing regions of Halkidiki.

Warm water laps mesmerizing golden beaches in the Greek Islands. As the largest island, Crete has the most choices with colorful cities, stand-out hiking trails, and calm coastal resorts.

The whitewashed buildings and swoon-worthy sunsets have put loving Santorini on the map, while Zante is best to Greece’s most photographed beach.

Corfu is famous for its rugged, lush green landscapes and alluring coastline, while in Rhodes, you can discover medieval castles and historic ruins.

Last Minute Holidays to Greece:

Why keep waiting? Book your upcoming Greek adventure. Booking a last-minute deal can frequently be less expensive than booking in advance.

In case you are flexible and you want to get away within the next month, search for your favorite last-minute holidays to Greece.

You will be sipping cocktails in the sun before you know it.

City break in Greece:

Roam around the world’s popular ancient sites in Athens at the museum or mainland hop in the stunning city of Chania in Crete.

Holidays to Greece provide much more than glorious beaches and mesmerizing hotels like Korifi Suites Art Hotel and Limneon Resort & Spa.

Top 5 Things to Do in Greece:

Greece has many things to offer each holidaymaker, whether you are a sun admirer, a history buff, or an adventurer.

Explore the Greek Islands: You should not have to settle with only one location for your Greek holiday. A Greek island-hopping getaway brings non-ending adventures along multiple beautiful destinations.

Hit the beach: Search for a peaceful moment on calm coves or enjoy an afternoon dancing on the sands of a busy beach club.

From adrenaline-filled water sports to romantic sunsets, there is a Greek beach for each taste.

Absorb yourself in old history: You have heard the Greek God’s Legend and mythology. Now, roam around the disintegrated temples, ancient age destruction samples, and jaw-dropping palaces behind the historic events and stories.

Soak up the attractive Scenery: Move along the mesmerizing coastlines, journey through mesmerizing gorges, and get a slice of authentic Greece in the countryside and mountainous villages nestled between vineyards and fruit trees.

Taste the flavors of Greek cuisine: Go for the catch of the day at a seafood restaurant or tuck into a tasty moussaka.

Make sure that you try meze – hummus, olive, tzatziki are firm favorites. You will want to wash it down with conventionally made wine or Ouzo.

Important Places to Visit in Greece:

Does not matter if you go to a beach hotel or mountain retreat, search for some remarkable attractions on your holidays to Greece.

Be amazed by Athens: The popular Acropolis and Parthenon Temple excite tourists from around the world. You will also need to learn more about Greece at the National Archaeological Museum.

Visit the UNESCO-listed fortress town of Mystras: Move to the Peloponnese to discover impressive Byzantine libraries and churches, with the Palace of the Despots with its remarkable valley views.

Explore the culture and history of Thessaloniki: The Ottomans built the remarkable White Tower of Thessaloniki in the 15th century. Listen to the free audio guide to search out related to the city and the history of the tower when it was a prison.

Discover Mount Olympus: Hikers who have great experience can hike to the peaks of Greece’s largest mountain, but if you like to observe a sunset from above or see a few of the trails, guided tours give a range of routes.

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